What are the Benefits of Whole-Home Humidifiers?

What are the Benefits of Whole-Home Humidifiers?

humidifier Foothills Heating & Cooling DenverWhat are the benefits of whole-home humidifiers? At Foothills Heating & Cooling in Denver, we know that Colorado’s climate is already on the dry side with fall and winter even more miserable. As your home’s humidity levels fall, you may notice that your skin and sinuses start to feel a bit parched, lips get chapped. And when it’s cold, you’ll also spend more time indoors which can cause an increase in indoor allergies, eczema, and other skin problems.

Not Just Hard on People

Dry air isn’t simply an issue for people in your home. It can be hard on wood floors, paint, textiles, and furniture. A little extra humidity in the air will help items in your home last longer, saving you money. A number of people turn to room humidifiers, but the benefits of whole-home humidifiers are two-fold – everyone can rest easy in any area of your house and all items in your home will be protected from that infamous dry air.

Save Money on Heating

It can be a bit of surprise, but a little extra humidity in the air can help you and your family feel warmer. You will also feel more comfortable with more humidity. When there is more water circulating in the air, people tend to feel warmer. If you think about it, in the summer if there are high levels of humidity, it can feel hotter than it really is. In winter, the dry air causes moisture from our skin to evaporate and we feel cooler. Adding humidity allows our skin to retain moisture and prevents us from feeling the added chill of dry air.

A whole-home humidifier can save you from needing to increase the heat in your home as much. This will save you money on your winter heating bill. Additionally, moist air retains heat longer than dry air, so not only do you need less heat, but it feels like it lasts longer. A whole home humidifier can really save you from potential winter heating bill blues.

If you want to potentially save money on your heating bill, give us a call here at Foothills Heating & Cooling in Denver to discuss your whole home humidifier options.

Lighten Your Cold, Flu, and Allergies

Lower humidity intensifies the coughing, breathing issues, and sore throats that accompany colds and the flu. The versions of the flu that are making the rounds this season are pretty intense. Whole home humidity can lighten the symptoms and help speed up your recovery. This can be a huge benefit, particularly if the flu makes its way through your entire family.

Whole-home humidity can also help with winter indoor allergies. Humidifying the air can help decrease the allergen particles in the air, allowing your family to breathe much easier.

If you want a whole-home humidifier to save you money and make the winter weather easier, contact us at Foothills Heating & Cooling in Denver. We can help you experience the benefits of whole-home humidifiers and install the ideal unit for your needs and home.

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